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The Courage Sisterhood includes women from every nation, tribe and tongue. We meet throughout the year at various events including breakfasts, as well as having an annual conference in London each summer.


Our conference is a celebration of life, of purpose, of possibilities in God, and of hope. Our heart’s desire is to see every girl and woman blossom into the beautiful, magnificent, and fulfilled person God created them to be.

It is a time to be totally immersed in an atmosphere of worship, joy, hope, and faith. We come together with one heart, one voice, one purpose, and one vision –that is, to have, “all of God in all of life”.

Come and be a part of a colourful sisterhood as we create a rainbow of beauty to our God.


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Courageous Sisters

We want to help restore dignity to women through spiritual guidance, financial support, business start-ups, and education.

Courageous Sisters Project
Courageous Sisters Project
Courageous Sisters Project
Courageous Sisters Project

We are helping women around the world living in difficult situations, to overcome poverty through our Courageous Sisters Project.

"Being at the opening day of Courage with my daughter was a blessing. Can't thank God enough for this wonderful opportunity" JULIA
"...I walked out of Courage 2018 with a new perspective of my life. An unforgettable weekend" IRINA
"A brilliant conference. I can't wait until the next one and I believe we will be walking in the blessings of this one right until then" HELEN